We design and install lighting, audio, video, security, shading automation and HVAC systems in order to reliably work together.

    The integrated control system monitor and control buildings with intuitive interfaces.

    You can send commands to every system and control your spaces from your smartphone or tablet.


    The network is an increasingly critical part of any modern building and you can be assured our experts have this in hand.

    We design and configure the network infrastructure, delivering resilient, secure and reliable high-speed internet access integrating telephones and intercom into one conveniently accessible and controllable system.


    Our entertainment solutions give you the power to deliver rich sound and vivid images to any enviroment with unparalleled digital quality, wherever and whenever you need.

    High-performance home entertainment is the result of much more than just purchasing high-end components.

    We specialized in designing whole building A/V systems in a variety of situations ranging from luxury villas to meeting rooms, conference centers, museums, restaurants and shops.


    A truly immersive cinema experience goes beyond the technology.

    The size and shape; construction materials and make-up of the walls, floor and ceiling; the surface finishes; the positions of loudspeakers; the seating positions, everything needs to be considered and coordinated to deliver maximum impact. We can design every detail of the room or can provide the technical design in support of existing interior design concepts.


    The power to transform any space using the light, with the touch of a button.

    Controlling light level and shades in a single room or throughout your whole home, office, restaurant, shop… , using your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or just with a keypad.

    The DE staff collaborates with architects, landscapers and artists offering a variety of services, from the concept to the executive project.


    Using the latest security technology, we can offer a complete end-to-end solution, working with you to design a unique security system to fit your requirements.

    We design and provide: security systems, access control systems, CCTV systems, fire detection systems..



    We design and configure thermoregulation systems to dynamically adjust the temperature according many parameters like room occupancy, time of day, external temperature...

    In this way you can easily regulate your building’s climate and also save money.



    Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

    For any inquiries you'll be assisted by a technician by phone, e-mail or directly on site. We will check all systems and find solutions to solve any problem.